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Whispering Oak Montessori is….

My daughter started attending Whispering Oak right before she turned two and has been there for just over three years now. I'm a full time working mom and was looking not only for a caring, nurturing environment for my daughter, but a learning one as well. It was very important that I could go to work every day knowing my child was in good hands and in a safe environment. The teachers and staff at Whispering Oak are wonderful. I've enjoyed attending back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, following current schedules on lessons, fun field trips, and school events. The school has been instrumental in preparing my daughter socially and academically to move on to Kindergarten. It's been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.
-Julie C.

My wife and I recently discovered our Kindergarten age daughter is doing exceptionally well in her class despite being the youngest in a class of 36 in an academically challenging private school. We can attribute much of her success to an enriching experience she received at Whispering Oaks Montessori Academy in Orangevale. Our daughter was enrolled in Whispering Oaks from 2010 to 2012 where she flourished in a challenging yet nurturing environment. Mrs. Shima and her staff take enormous pride in the school as evidenced by the condition of the school, the cleanliness, organization and overall appearance, not to mention the security is taken seriously. Whenever a special event was planned, i.e. Christmas parties, Mother's and Father's Day, Graduation ceremony, etc., Mrs. Shima always made it memorable for the whole family. We have cherished so many memories in the last 2 years thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Shima. Whispering Oaks was originally recommended to us by a family friend with almost 30 years experience with Montessori Schools. She was very familiar with Mrs. Shima's reputation and had previously worked with Mrs. Stacy, another excellent example of an accomplished and kind teacher. Whispering Oaks was our choice although quite literally we would drive by 2 other Montessori Schools when driving our daughter to and from school. Mrs. Shima and her staff have always been professional and helpful whenever we went to them for advice. We simply cannot say enough regarding our decision to enroll our daughter in Whispering Oaks and I do not believe a stronger recommendation exists then a satisfied parent. My wife and I strongly believe that by placing our daughter in Whispering Oaks in her formidable preschool years, we laid out an educational platform for our daughter that will benefit her for years to come. We highly recommend Whispering Oaks to any parent wanting only the best opportunities for their preschooler.
The Reuter's

My son started attending Whispering Oak at 2 1/2 yrs old. On the very first day of school, I, as a mother ( I'm sure every mother out there have faced the same painful separation) faced the most painful separation w/ my son. My son cried and cried and I had no choice but to leave my precious child to this school. After I got home, I was still worried and wondered how he was doing and w/in few hrs, I have received an email from the director. She sent me some photos of my son to show me how he was doing and not to worry. This went on for while and even till the graduation day. I am very impressed with director's management of the school and the genuine heart every staff and teachers carry towards handling of all children and parents is phenominal. . It's so heart warming and relief to know that I am sending my son to a trust worthy and well taken care school is extremely important as a parent. To also know that my son is being served healthy snacks and lunches just tops the notch! 

Every morning, my son was eager to go to school. He LOVED it there!! He enjoyed learning something knew everyday and was having so much fun!! We had to fight w/ him to go home after school literally every single day b/c he wanted to hang out there and still play some more. To top that, he very much liked his teachers and LOVES the teacher from the inventor's class. 
Well my son now turned 5 yrs old and have recently graduated from this school. He have mastered all the alphabets and knows how to count 1 ~ 100 +. He knows how to count them backwards. He knows different colors, forms and shapes including secondary language. He's learned all the basic education required to aid him when he enters kindergarten.
It's been a great experience for my son and for us as a parent to send our son to Whispering Oak. I would recommend and refer this school to every parent out there. My son would recommend this school to kids out there!! 

My son sends his greetings to everyone at Whispering Oak and send hugs and kisses to the director and Ms. Maria! Every single day before we eat, my son always sings the song Ms. Maria taught in spanish. We all clap and when he is done is when we all eat! 
-Renee L.

​'Whispering Oak Montessori Academy is the Best Preschool'
I cannot express in words what this school has done for my son. He has overcome many obstacles since I enrolled him here. His teacher is patient and kind to him and allows him to have the best classroom experience possible. The school and grounds are perfect and the staff is like family.
-Trina D

​'Montessori educator/professor'
Visit the school. Judge for yourself. In my capacity as an education professor, teaching Early Childhood and Montessori classes, I have over twenty years of experience working in, visiting and evaluating Montessori schools. As a university supervisor, I oversaw interns who were completing their student teaching in Montessori schools. Although most of my career has been spent in Hawaii, I have visited many Montessori schools all across the country. Whispering Oak Montessori Academy ranks among the very best, anywhere. The award the school received is well deserved. The school has maintained consistently high standards since its inception. Most importantly, the children blossom and thrive!
-Sylvia L.

​'Whispering Oak Exceeded Our Objective & Hopes'
We will soon celebrate our daughter's first year of enrollment at Whispering Oak Montessori. As a university professor of education and psychology with a background in child development, I informed my husband it would be in our daughter's best interest to choose a Montessori program because of its philosophy and mission.

Whispering Oak has exceeded our original objective (an opportunity for our daughter to have social interaction) and hopes (a safe and stimulating environment with competent and caring teachers who promote learning). We are often greeted with a warm and genuine "good morning" by the director who is regularly out and about on the academy grounds engaging and interacting with children, parents and teachers. It is reassuring that the director knows us all by name and keeps up with the children and their psychosocial and educational progress in the classroom.The aesthetics of the academy as immaculate, inviting, and visually stimulating is reinforced with the trained and compassionate teachers who greet my daughter and invite her to get involved in her surroundings. This was all the more important when we first began and she experienced separation anxiety.We also appreciate the academy's welcome invitation for parental involvement in holiday celebrations, fieldtrips, and parent-educational presentations. Add to this the influence of genuine multicultural awareness, a toddler/preschool classroom that assists with potty training, and a director & teachers that help guide our child's innate curiousity while reinforcing her love of learning through her 5 senses, and guide/model appropriate social behavior while also teaching the necessary skill of self-regulation. Our daughter loves it all: circle time, art, music, singing, reading, running, jumping, climbing, and even seasonal gardening and yoga!
-Susan W

After searching several schools around this area, we decided to have our 2 year old little girl attend the Whispering Oak Montessori Academy.So far this has truly been the best experience any way you look at it. The Staff are incredible. The price is the best around for what you get. The learning is top notch and a big one for us was the cleanliness of the school. Anyone with kids knows how messy than can be and this school with all the children that attend is immaculate. We are extremely pleased with the Academy. We were so lucky to find this place. Special thanks to Shima who runs the school. She is extremely passionate about what she does and it shows. Every time I see her she has a smile on her face; a true Joy.
-Adam F.

'Retired Elementary Teacher'
Thanks to the warm, stimulating program at Whispering Oak Montessori, our grandaughter is thriving in every possible way. She has attended there for 2 years now, and will continue this fall. She enjoys her days there so much, that she recently begged to go 5 days a week instead of 3 - even though it's summer! At nearly 4 1/2, she knows numbers well beyond 20, and can do simple addition and subtraction in her head. She knows all of the alphabet - not just names, but sounds, and is both decoding and writing phonetic words on her own. Her level of independence for many everyday tasks is also beyond most children of her age level. You can't argue with results like that. We feel lucky to have found Whispering Oak Montessori for our dear little lady.
- Shirley D

'Lovely school, wonderful staff'
I own a mobile dance instruction company, it is my job to travel from preschool to preschool teaching dance in the area. I have taught at nearly twenty of the area preschools, and I have toured at least twenty others. Of all of the preschools I have had the pleasure of teaching at, Whispering Oak Montessori is by far, the best. It is without question the prettiest campus and the staff is well-trained, caring and sincere. The children have fun and love the school, and the teachers work with the children to make sure that they feel cared for and important. The owner is also very passionate about her job, and she takes the time to get to know each and every child on campus. Whispering Oak Montessori is a loving and enriching environment for children. The children are exposed to dance, music, and yoga as well as academics and social group time. I would reccommend this school without hesitation to anyone looking for a nurturing, safe environment in which children feel free to laugh, learn and thrive.
- Bethany A.

​'Best School in the Area'
I can not say enough about this school. This school has become our sanctuary on so many levels. I consider this school our family. The director, co-director and teachers are first class and bring such knowledge and experience to their students. My daughter has become a mature young lady who is brilliant beyond her years and I have this school to thank for that. The school goes beyond what is expected and have an open door policy for communication about your child. We love it here!!!
Jennifer J.